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From my many collections.  Need to scale down.  Too many hobbies over the years.

I will try to update and add items to this from time to time.  Since these are my personal items, all sales are directly through me.  Money order or checks only.  (no credit cards, PayPal, or cash.)  All items as described.

All sales are final.




Prices shown  do NOT include shipping and handling.   Please e-mail me requesting this figure before mailing your money order or check.  If there is more than one item, I will combine them in one package where possible. 


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HOBBY SALE LIST                       PG. 1.


1.   George Washington.   Porcelain bisque shoulder-head, arms, legs (with painted socks and shoes).  Includes body pattern and fabric; with pattern and instructions to make clothes.  This is still in original box from Yield House.  Beautifully painted, ready to assemble and dress….PRICE REDUCED...$15.00.  

2.  Florence Nightengale -  SOLD

3.  Romeo (as in Romeo & Juliet).  Porcelain bisque shoulderhead, arms, legs (with painted shoes).  Includes body pattern and fabric; with pattern and instructions to make clothes.  This is still in original box from Yield House.  Beautifully painted, ready to assemble and dress…PRICE REDUCED....$15.00.


4.  Fretzie.   Porcelain bisque (flange neck) head and arms of crying face toddler.  This was a 1971 IDA (International Doll Assn.) Convention souvenir; limited edition (this one is #342.)  Marked by doll artist Janet Masteller on back of neck.  No body pattern was included, but I will include my body pattern to fit…….PRICE REDUCED.....$15.00


 Large Painted Bisque dollSOLD


6.  Porcelain Bisque shoulderhead,arms & legs  make 12" lady SOLD    

7.   UNPAINTED ALL porcelain doll.   Porcelain head (no wig or eyes); porcelain body, arms, and legs., (Need hook and button connections for arms, legs & neck along with plaster of Paris to hold into porcelain parts.)  This makes up to a lovely ALL PORCELAIN toddler doll, about 14” tall when done.  Doll can be painted as a girl or boy, but must be china painted and fired.  If you can do this or have someone with a kiln that can do it, this is a bargain!  The greenware and firings to this point are more than this price.……PRICE REDUCED.......$20.00.


8.  Porcelain bisque shoulderhead,arms,legs; makes 13-14" dollSOLD


HOBBY SALES LIST                    Pg.1-A.




72.  “Carmelite”  - Shoulderhead only, by artist Janet Masteller.  Limited edition (#149) for a 1973 UFDC souvenir.  5-1/4” high porcelain shoulderhead has painted black hair w/metallic gold crown.  Makes about 17”-20” finished doll.  Body pattern included.  Must order arms & legs from doll artist.  (Address in lid of box.)  Or…purchase arms & legs from other parts maker…..PRICE REDUCED...$12.00.


73.  Parian Butterfly Bonnethead.  Full kit with bisque shoulderhead, arms & legs. Limited edition for 1979 UFDC regional souvenir, by doll artist Lita Wilson.  Shoulderhead has china painted apricot butterfly winged hat w/small metallic gold trim; painted hair & eyes.  Body pattern included...PRICE REDUCED...$20.00.


Pg. 2.



 9    Renwall Smoking Stand - SOLD


10.  Wood Breakfront - SOLD


11.  Porcelain Bathroom Set (Tub, Toilet, Sink).   Early 1900’s style.  White w/gold metal faucets.  Pull chain style toilet with wall tank and wood lid.  Pedestal on sink has been repaired.  One back foot of tub is chipped.   All 3 pieces 1” to 1 ft. scale…….$5.00


12.  Metal Canister SetSOLD


13.  Plastic Bathroom Set (Kit).  This is a plastic “Chrysnbon” kit that is meant to be glued together and assembled.  Early 1900s style.  Pieces are white plastic, gold plastic; and silver plastic plumbing.  Included are footed Tub, wall Sink, Medicine Cabinet w/mirror, Toilet with wall tank & pull chain, Radiator, Stool.  All in original box with instructions, (box dinged.) ...PRICE REDUCED...$6.00.


14.  1/2" scale Sitting Rm. Furniture set -SOLD




15.  Crochet Slippers Kit - SOLD


16.  Crocheted Panel.  Gorgeous long panel of white cotton thread crochet.  Very intricate tightly crocheted diamond and nubs pattern, connected by petal and circular flower design.  Panel measures 8½” wide by 106” long (long enough for the width of a King sized bed, but a bit too weighty for sheet edging; or cut and sew together as a pillow cover, window valance, or coffee table runner (or other decorative item.)  This took someone over a year to crochet...PRICE REDUCED...$12.00.


17.      Leopard Print Fabric.  Two pcs. - min. 2 yds. - SOLD


17-A Singer Overlock Sewing Needles SOLD

17-B.  Paper doll fabric  SOLD




18.  4 Umbrella Handles, Barbie- SOLD

19.  Shoe Boots, Barbie SOLD

20   Sunglasses, Barbie - SOLD


21Tennis Racket.  Cream plastic racket with open weave center.  3½” long.  (Barbie sized.)  I have        12.….75 cents each.


22.  Pearl Choker, Barbie SOLD

23. Red High Heel Shoes, BarbieSOLD

24.  lt.Blue High Heel Shoes, BarbieSOLD

25. Pink High Heel Shoes - SOLD


Pg. 3.




26.  Cake Decorating Tops:  Most plastic.  2 pc. Ballerina and lg. ballet shoe; 4 pc. Phyfe and drum 1770s set;  Graduation set - lg. ceramic cap & gown boy, diploma, black grad cap; 4 pc. Champagne set, 2 bottles & 2 glasses; 6 pc. Baseball players set (small).  3-pc. Larger baseball player set;  2-pc. Boy First Communion set - kneeling boy and lg. rosary;  4 pc. Bowling set - 3 pins and ball;  7 pc. Tool and Garden set - shovels, saws; Lg. Golfer on grass, blowing ball into hole; Small Cowboys and Indians set - one rail fence, 2 cactus, 5 Indians, 07 cowboys; 28 pc. Wedding set (all white) - 2 lg. bells, 2 very lg. filigree open hearts, 4 long in-cake pins, one short pin, 4 medium side cherubs, 2 filigree round base pcs.,  one small 2 pc. Wedding cake container, one base, 10 doves.; 24 pcs. Birthday and Holiday set - Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Father’s Day, Birthday Wishes.  Also some candles and a glass meat thermometer  thrown in.  All in large man’s shoe box for……$8.00.




27.   22 Larger Crochet Books - SOLD


28.   21 Small Crochet Books:  All paperback booklet size.  Very old crochet patterns (a few other types also).  Many Coats & Clarks.  Afghans, baby & children clothes, accessories, novelties, doilies, etc.  All very old and out of print as far as I know.  Huge assortment.  All for………..$8.00.


29.   “Les Petites”   by Marlowe Cooper - Soft cover, 24 pgs. Photos - mostly French bisque antique dolls, and most of them Bru.  Gorgeous close-up photos.  (This is Vol.8 of M. Cooper’s Doll Home Library Series.)…….$5.00.


30.  SOLD

 31.  SOLD


32.  “Miniature Antique Furniture”   by Herbert F & Peter B. Schiffer.  Hard cover; over 300 photos; includes doll house and children’s furniture from the United States and Europe.  Has paper jacket, but jacket is in fair condition.  Excellent reference

Guide to buying or furnishing a doll house…..PRICE REDUCED.....$12.00


33.  Creating Web Pages for Dummies  by Bud Smith and Arthur Bebak.  360 pgs.; soft cover, thick book with a CD in back.

Never used.  Originally paid $20.49…..Sale price……PRICE REDUCED.....$10.00.


34.  “Microsoft ASP.NET FAST & EASY WEB DEVELOPMENT  by Nitin Pandey with NIIT.  398 pgs; soft cover, thick book.

Photo diagrams.  Never used.  Original price $29.99….Sale price... PRICE REDUCED.....$15.00.


35.  “The Practical Handbook of TV REPAIRS”  by Art Margolis.  Hard cover; photos throughout; 130 pgs.  This is for OLD STYLE TELEVISIONS.  A collectible for people who collect or work on old style TVs, antennas, etc..  How to cure common TV

Troubles, adjust color sets, convert to UHF, and more.....PRICE REDUCED.....$5.00.


36.  “Trigonometry for the Practical Man”  (part of the Mathematics for Self Study series) by J.E. Thompson, Dept. of Mathematics, Pratt Institute.  This book is a real collectible; almost an antique; 1931.  Hard cover; diagrams; tables, etc. 204 pgs.




Pg. 3-A



37.  “Essentials Of Electricity”  A Textbook for Wiremen and the electrical trades.  DIRECT CURRENTS. The Wiley Technical Series for Vocational and Industrial Schools.  By W.H. Timbie.  A REAL ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLE…1913. Hard cover;

278 pgs. Many diagrams and a few photos….$48.00.


38.  “Design in Embroidery – The Creative Approach in Needlework.”  By Violet M. Endacott.  Hard cover; 132 pgs.; 244 Photos and diagrams throughout. Sections on What to embroider, How to enlarge a design, tools and materials, transferring designs to fabric, restoring, repairing, and cleaning embroidery…..$10.00.


39.  “FASHION – The Changing Shape of Fashion Through the Years”  by Jane Dorner.  Hard cover w/jacket.  220 illustrations; 128 pgs..  Excellent condition.  Gorgeous fashions…..$10.00.


40. Printed Textiles” – English and American Cottons and Linens, 1700 to 1850  by Florence M. Montgomery.  Hard cover

w/jacket.  379 pgs., 428 close-up photos & illustrations. Excellent condition.  Great design detail…..$15.00


41.  Everyday Dress of the American Revolution”  Coloring book by Peter F. Copeland.  One of the many Dover published fashion books with text on costumes, times, and class.  Color plates inside and outside front and back covers.  Soft cover.

Excellent detail.  Full page illustrations……$3.00.


42.  “Damselfishes of the World”  by Dr. Gerald R. Allen.  A must for tropical fish lovers.  500 gorgeous photos on 271 pgs..

Hard cover w/jacket.  Like new.  Tables of families of various tropical fish.  Excellent research guide for your tank…PRICE REDUCED.....$12.00.


43.  “5th Blue Book – Dolls & Values”  by Jan Foulke.  Soft cover.  358 pgs., slightly worn, but in very good condition. Loads of Doll photos, antique to modern.  Information on how to determine prices on your dolls; mold and mark numbers list….$5.00.


44.  “Costume in  Pictures”  by Phyllis Cunnington.  Soft cover; 160 pgs.  Loads of photos and drawings.  Costumes from Middle Ages through mid-20th century.  Slightly worn cover…..$1.00





Pg. 4.


44.  Porcelain Doll on Carousel Horse.  Doll, horse, and stand in original box.  Beautiful toddler girl with porcelain arms, legs, head.  Not sure if Carousel Horse is ceramic or plaster.  Carousel pole with streamers fits into a solid decorated plaster base.  Everything is decorated with flowers, etc.  Doll wears a lovely sheer peachy pink chiffon dress, undies, all trimmed.  Estimated total assembled height is under 20”.  A BEAUTIFUL ADDITION TO ANY DOLL COLLECTION, OR DECORATOR ART PIECE. This set is VERY HEAVY and will require extra secure packing, shipping, and insurance.  Well worth it…..PRICE REDUCED......$25.00.

45.  “RAPUNZEL” Porcelain Doll.   Heritage Signature Collection.  Doll is in original box with Certificate of Authenticity, and hand tag of artist Diana Effner; from her Heroines from the Fairy Tale Forests series. Doll’s gown is lilac velvet with metallic gold embroidery & trim, floral embroidered trim and beads.  About 17” tall.  Very long blonde hair….PRICE REDUCED.....$38.00

46.  “PRINCESSS AND THE PEA” Porcelain Doll.  Heritage Signature Collection.  Doll is in original box with Certificate of Authenticity. No hang tag, but this is from the same Heroines from the Fair Tale Forests series by doll artist Diana Effner.  Doll’s gown is iridescent sheer fabric or an ice pink satin, trimmed in beautiful sheer roses.  She carries a cord trimmed satin pillow with a large green “pea” (bead).  Lovely blonde hair.  About 17” tall….PRICE REDUCED.....$38.00

47.  SOLD

48.  8” plastic  “Dress Me” type doll w/long auburn mohair wavy wig & sleep eyes.  Wears a pink & cream crocheted outfit that fits over a large roll of toilet paper. (She holds the spare roll and stands on the tank or vanity.)  Loopy pom-pom in hair and loopy bustle ties at back.  Well made in the 1960’s.  Carries a piece of paper with a rhyme.  Old roll included…..$8.00.

49.  Victorian Couple  SOLD

50.  Mdm. Alexander “Pinocchio”.  Made for MacDonald restaurants.  5-1/4” tall.  Head, arms & legs move.  Has sleep eyes.  All painted hard vinyl.  Wears original black velour vest.  Excellent….$5.00.

51.  Plastic Baby Doll from 1940’s.  Maker unknown; but very popular play doll of that period.  Painted face and hair; moveable arms & legs.  Approx.. 7-1/2” tall.  No clothes.  Doll was played with.  Seams re-glued.  Some scuff marks…..$5.00.

52.  Wood & Porcelain bisque repro Peggity doll.  Shoulderhead is porcelain with lovely face & china painted hair, roses, & ribbons. Lady figure wood body.  9-5/8" tall.  Moves at shoulders, elbows, hips, & knees.  Sold by Shackman Co. in the 1960’s & 1970’s.  (Costume pattern available from Wonderful World OF Dolls)

PRICE REDUCED.....$10.00.

53.  Boy & Girl porcelain bisque dolls.  Repros made in Japan, mid to late 1960’s through 70’s.  Porcelain shoulderheads, arms & lower legs.  Varied body & limb materials. Short dynel wigs.  China painted faces.  Girl wears pantaloons, print dress, apron, & bonnet.  Boy wears checked cotton pants & crude felt jacket.  Can be redressed to suit yourself.  Bargain.  Both dolls for…PRICE REDUCED...$12.00.

54. Pinocchio  SOLD.

Pg. 5.    


55.  Around the World” Christmas Ornament Set.  Sold exclusively at Sears in 1978 & 1979.   Made of wood with various trims.  Lovely painted detail.  Tiny bottom stickers marked:  © Kurt S. Adler, Inc..  Set of 12 countries, each with a gold hang tag giving the brief legend that the ornament depicts. (A 13th ornament without hang tag is also included.) Nations are:  1. Holland (Netherlands) - St. Nicholas in gold trimmed red Bishop’s robe, holding staff.  He has fuzzy white beard & long white hair.  He rides white horse with white fuzzy mane & tail.  (One tiny tip of cross is gone.) 2. Poland - Star Boy carrying gold star & flag on staff, & wheat bundle. Boy has long hair, hat w/fuzzy cuff & fuzzy trim on long coat.  3. Germany - Angel girl carrying tiny decorated Christmas tree w/star on top.  She wears gold decorated crown & gold wings.  4. China -  “Dun Che Lao Ren” (Chinese Santa) dressed in Chinese garb with hand sack if toys.  Carries fan and has long braid in back if head, with long mustache on face.  5. Ireland - A thatched roof house w/chimney & open door, & 2 children’s heads sticking out of upper window; also tiny wreath.  House has window sills on all windows.  6.  Black America - A church w/preacher, man, & woman standing out front.  Steeple w/cross has bell tower & bell.  People seen in windows.   7. England - Victorian costumed man carrying Yule Log, w/dog at his feet.  He wears top hat & has fuzzy mutton chop side burns, glasses, & plaid scarf.  Dog has fuzzy ears & tail, & bell on collar.  8. Sweden - Elder daughter serving coffee from pot & 2 cups on a tray, while dressed in white and wearing crown of candles to represent St. Lucia.  9. Traditional Colonial Williamsburg America - Colonial costumed lady w/mob cap carrying large wreath.  10. Italy - “Befana” (an old lady) carries gifts for the Christ Child.  She wears green fringed shawl, red check apron, & red print head-kerchief. She carries her broom on her back. (Broom is replacement.)  11. Mexico - Costumed boy w/stick to break a piñata. Also carries ribbon streamered staff w/hanging nail.  Wears sombrero, serape, & kerchief.  12. Spain - Boy costumed as matador w/trimmed outfit and hat.  He carries bowl of vegetables to put out for the 3 Kings camels to eat on their way to Bethlehem.  13. This is the extra ornament -  Victorian America – Two Victorian looking figures (man and lady) held together by a long ribbon.  Lady carries holly.  This set is a real collectible, and priced far less than its original cost………$50.00.

56.  “Dodger” the dog from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie.  Soft toy w/plastic eyes & nose.  Curled over ears, fuzzy tail & red scarf.  Has loop to hang on tree.  3-5/8” tall.  Has original tag……$2.00.

57.  Wax Round Christmas Ball ornament.  Intricately carved look all over, in dk. Yellow w/tan antiquing.  Has post & hook to hang.  If this is from a mold, I haven’t found the mold lines.  Looks carved.  45 years old.  Approx. 5-3/8” diameter…..$3.00.

58.  Santa Bear.   Wears red felt Santa suit w/white trim & black plastic boots.  Brown plastic eyes.  Snout has red heart nose.  Carries white sack w/patches over one shoulder.  Approx. 5” tall.  35 years old……$2.00.

59.  Burlap Angel – Tan trimmed avocado green burlap gown. Folk art style.  Wood ball head w/painted face & pinkish string hair.  Green straw covered card stock wings.  4-3/4” tall.  (Coned skirt can make her a tree top angel for a small table tree.)  About 40 years old……..$2.00

60.  Papier Mache Santa- made in 1940’s.  Back of head stamped “Made in Western Germany.  Red flocked suit w/ white fuzzy trim.  Black belt, silver glitter boots.  Carries white flannel bag.  Approx. 6” tall……$5.00.

61.  “Llado”  knockoff  glazed porcelain Kneeling Angel.  Blue gown, white head, hands & wings.  Gold string hang loop.  No name or tag.   About 30-35 years old.  Approx. 2-1/4” tall……..$5.00.

62.  Gingerbread Lady.  (Ornament or soft doll.)  Soft stuffed rust color felt w/white ric-rac borders.  Wears white eyelet undies, sequin trimmed green felt skirt, & green  felt holly on head.  Red cord bow on one wrist.  Bead & ric-rac face.  Approx. 7” tall.  35 years old…….$3.00.


HOBBY SALE LIST                                                Pg. 5-A.


63.  Porcelain bear ornament.  Stamp on bottom of foot reads: “Lucy and me” w/ 2 seated teddy bears & © 1980 Licensee Enesco Imports Corp.”  Also has Enesco sticker.  Bear is china painted lt. brown w/ red scarf w/white dots.  Holds banner w/ “Joy” printed on front.  Gold cord to hang.  Approx.  2-3/4” tall………$5.00.

64.  Painted Fimo clay Stocking ornament.  Painted greed w/red heel & toe (white snowflake print on red.)  White 3-D decorated snow man on front of stocking.  Hook & loop to hang.  About 4” tall.  Appears handmade…….$1.00.

65.  Wooden Santa ornament.  All painted.  Has fuzzy beard & tiny Christmas tree in simulated sack on his back.  Made in Taiwan sticker on back.  Approx. 3-5/8” tall.  Almost 40 years old…….$1.00.

66.  4 Cloth Ornaments:  3 mini stockings & one mini bag.  One green felt stocking w/red felt cuff & tree applique, 6”.  One red felt stocking w/white cuff, and one red fleece stocking w/white cuff.  All 3 stockings have gold braid trim & hang loops.  Both reds are 4-1/2” long.  White felt bag w/applique & embroidered snowman face on one side.  Red bow tie & green brim & handle.  3-3/4” long.  All items open to put small trinkets, candy, or jewelry inside for gifts or to hang on tree…..$3.00

67.  2 Petti-point on Plastic Ornaments.  One green stocking w/white cuff 2-3/4” long, has candy cane inside.  One red and white 3-D house shape with tiny 1-1/4” plastic Mr. & Mrs. Santa inside.  Both have red yarn hang loops.  Approx. 20-25 years old.  Handmade……..$3.00.

68.  Drummer Boy ornament.  Vinyl doll head.  Fuzzy white tall hat.  Red felt-like uniform & hands.  Gold epaulets, tiny gold star & chin strap.  4-1/2” tall.  Glitter flocked Styrofoam drum w/gold edges.  Holds drum stick.  Approx. 40 years old……$1.00.

69.  Doll, Toys pictured on White plastic Ball ornament.  Picture includes doll in buggy, bear, ball, jack-in-box, drum, train, rocking horse, toy soldier, etc..  Early 1980’s……..$1.00.

70.  Embroidery Hoop ornament  with 3-D teddy bear & candy cane decorations on white eyelet. 5-1/2” diameter including red lace around outer edge…..$1.00.

71.  Peach Lace Fan ornament  w/gold filigree base & ornamentation.  Fuchsia ribbon & long pink tassel at bottom….$1.00. 

72.  5 Paper Hanging ornaments.  2-1/4”  to 6” tall.  Vintage & Victorian look, though all made and received in recent years.  All have hang cords.  All very pretty, colorful, and detailed……$2.00.