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Joan Chiara Cigler,   Pattern Designer

About Wonderful World Of Dolls Patterns

                          by Pattern Designer Joan Chiara Cigler

      I have designed patterns for doll costumes, dolls, and crafts for over 50 years under the Copyrighted Trademark "Wonderful World Of Dolls.  Most of these patterns are for sewing; many with craft type accessories.  Each of the HUNDREDS of costume patterns are designed with accurately researched detail TO FIT A SPECIFIC SIZE AND SHAPE DOLL.  (They are NOT generic to a range of sizes and shapes, which many times leave the seamstress with ill-fitting garments.)  If I design to fit an 11-1/2” Barbie doll, my Wonderful World Of Dolls pattern will fit that doll.  If I specify an American Girl doll, it will fit her.  Also, if I design a pattern for a Vintage or Antique doll, the type body that it will fit is designated along with the doll’s height, and many times its name and maker’s name as well; (such as “Mdm. Alexander Margaret O’Brien” or “Armand Marseille Queen Louise,”etc.) 



     Over the years Wonderful World Of Dolls costume patterns and articles have been published in doll, needlework, and craft periodicals, (as well as, several newsletters in the early years.)  Among them have been:

         Aunt Jane’s Sewing Circle                         Popular Needlework    

            Hobbies                                                          McCall’s Needlework & Crafts

            Doll Reader                                                   American Greeting Corp.

            Doll World                                                     Doll News

            Doll Crafter                                                   Doll Castle News

And for numerous programs and doll club events.

I have been notified by a number of past pattern customers that dolls they have dressed from Wonderful World Of Dolls and Nation-Of-The-Month costume patterns, designed by Joan Chiara Cigler, are residing in museums and library collections.  Teachers have used them as visual aids to teach young children about famous people in history, how people lived in other countries a century or more ago, and to depict eras in modern times. 

Currently, a set of beautifully costumed First Ladies of the White House, from my Wonderful World Of Dolls First Ladies series patterns, is owned by the Hayes Presidential Center (Museum and home of U.S. President R.B. Hayes) in Fremont, Ohio.  Nearly all were costumed by one customer of mine; and all on Barbie sized dolls.  The museum told me that this set has been on loan to several other museums around the country over the last several years; so check with them for any future exhibit dates.  (They are not on permanent display, due to fragile nature of fading and handling.)  Many of the First Lady costumed dolls on these pages are from that collection.

Many of these Wonderful World Of Dolls costumed dolls sewn by my customers have won awards for them at doll shows and fairs. (Example:  My Fair Lady and King & I gowns above, and Romeo & Juliet below.)



 Copyright  NOTICE:


Several photographs of finished dolls are actually costumed by customers who have used my patterns.  Where space permits, I would love to show off your finished work from my doll costume patterns.  They must be good quality photographs in high resolution.